Black COVID Care

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, K. Luhman and T. Esplin, et al., and ESO; Processing: Gladys Kober.

Narratives of Black people and Black life during the COVID-19 pandemic have largely focused on high death rates, increased comorbidities, vaccine hesitancy, limited vaccine availability, and the ways in which racism has exacerbated Black suffering throughout the pandemic. But what of those stories of care and community? Of Black churches acting as vaccination sites and food drives that center Black queer communities? Amid these ongoing crises, Black people have operated in modes of care and relation that transcend time, space, and Covid-19. “Black Covid Care” is a forthcoming digital project that listens to these moments: to the ways in which Black people have cared for each other, for themselves, and their communities during the pandemic. It is a way to listen to the depth, intricacy, and interconnectedness of Black care during Covid as well as deeper lineages of support.